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The Giving Black Fund

We’re an intimate impact investment collective of Black professionals using our collective influence and venture philanthropy to amplify impact on our communities.

Sponsored by Parkes Philanthropy | Powered by Grapevine

Sponsored by Parkes Philanthropy  

Powered by Grapevine

Why We Exist

The Giving Black Fund | Sponsored by Parkes Philanthropy

We wanted to create a space for Black professionals to give back regularly and intentionally, while connecting with a likeminded community.

The Giving Black Fund is a passionate group of individuals serving LGBTQ BIPOC communities by raising awareness and funds for mission-aligned, charitable organizations  

Through grantmaking, development support, and strategic consulting, we are disrupting philanthropy by centering and investing in LGBTQ BIPOC-led and/or serving, culturally competent organizations.

Building Community

The Black Giving Fund is an intimate collective of likeminded Black professionals who are committed to empowering the LBTQ BIPOC Community. 

Mobilizing Resources

Each new member is required to make a $250 initial donation to the fund to help us amplify our collective donation to a chosen nonprofit organization

Setting Direction

We meet quarterly to determine grant recipients, and discuss opportunities to offer additional support services to nonprofit partners.

Nominate a Nonprofit

The Giving Black Fund | Sponsored by Parkes Philanthropy

We are currently accepting nominations for future consideration. We will reach out to these nonprofits with more information for our next round of grants! 

We are focused on LGBTQ BIPOC-led and/or serving organizations, and will be prioritizing those with LGBTQ BIPOC leadership.

In addition to our quarterly grants, we will also offer other support and connections to eligible organizations, in order to expand our impact.

About Parkes Philanthropy

The Giving Black Fund is powered by Parkes Philanthropy, a consulting firm making it easier to create and scale impact.

We build customized teams and offer on-demand experts to help achieve individuals, nonprofits, and companies achieve their impact goals. 

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