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You want to do good. We’re here to help.

You want to do good. We’re here to help.

Parkes Philanthropy equips nonprofits, businesses, and individuals with the ideas, resources and support they need to positively impact the world.

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  • Customized teams of experienced consultants to exceed your impact goals. Fundraising specialists, corporate responsibility experts, grant writers — we build the team. You get the results.

  • Need more hands on deck? We make it easy to augment into your existing team with specialists that can help get those grant proposals out the door or launch that corporate volunteering program.

  • Your very own impact advisor, fundraising coach, or co-pilot for your new corporate philanthropy program. Senior Executive Leaders available on-demand to support your work.

Customized Teams End-to-end support from experienced impact professionals. 

Ad-Hoc Support Need more hands on deck? Let us help.

Experts on Demand The advice and guidance you need — when you need it.

Who We Help


Tailored support with effective methodologies to help you grow your organization, however you need.


Innovate and implement initiatives to address critical social challenges and achieve business objectives.


Connect with experienced impact leaders for strategic advice, coaching, and fast-tracks to solutions.

Our Partners

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“I very much appreciated Parkes Philanthropy’s dedication to our partnership, their responsiveness, and the way that they internalized our mission and work so intuitively. 

They helped open doors to other organizations, conducted extensive research to build out funding plans, and set us up well to have a strong fiscal year across multiple portfolios.”

Allison Curran

Director, Institutional and Major Gifts at The Jewish Museum

“My impact hour sessions with Parkes Philanthropy were one of the best parts of the week: expansive thinking, knowledgable insights and inspiring of what can be achieved“

John-Paul Parmigiani

CEO of Impact Hub NYC

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Strategic Partners

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