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Case Studies


Teens of Color Abroad

During 2020-21, Parkes Philanthropy project team implemented a strategic development strategy for a nonprofit organization, Teens of Color (Abroad). The team established financial pillars in order for their organization to sustainably grow, such as donor pipeline, engagement strategy, and long-term operational planning.

The Jewish Museum

In 2021, Parkes Philanthropy worked with The Jewish Museum to develop a strategic pipeline of opportunities to unlock new funding opportunities for an upcoming exhibit. With a Fundraising Director on maternity leave, they needed additional development support to manage their current portfolio while identifying opportunities.

The Foundation for Fresno Unified Schools

In 2022, Parkes Philanthropy worked with the Foundation for Fresno Unified Schools (“the Foundation”) to develop a strategic plan for its inaugural initiative: a scholarship program for the district’s nearly 4,000 graduating seniors. The Fresno Unified School District is the third-largest school district in California.

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