The Giving Black Fund Inaugural Awardee: Green City Force


In February we launched our giving circle: The Giving Black Fund. This new impact investment collective of Black professionals is leveraging their collective influence and venture philanthropy to amplify impact and raise awareness and funds for mission-aligned, charitable organizations. By providing grants to LGBTQ, BIPOC-led, and/or serving organizations, the fund aims to empower these communities, enhance their impact, and promote inclusivity in philanthropy. 


The Giving Black Fund is excited to announce its inaugural grantee: Green City Force. With a focus on individuals from low-income housing communities in New York City, Green City Force offers comprehensive training, education, and career development programs. Through active involvement in large-scale environmental and health initiatives, Corps Members cultivate a profound passion for sustainability and service, driving meaningful change within their communities. Green City Force’s approach not only facilitates personal growth and professional development, but also aims to foster greener, fairer, and more just cities where young people play a central role in shaping a sustainable and inclusive society.


By combining service, education, and career opportunities, Green City Force provides an empowering pathway to personal growth and a sustainable future. Through their programs, Corps Members gain valuable skills that lead to job placements, higher education opportunities, and apprenticeships, preparing them for impactful careers in the emerging green economy. 


Beyond individual achievements, Green City Force strives to make a broader societal impact by emphasizing the interconnectedness of environmental sustainability and social equity. By specifically addressing environmental challenges within low-income housing communities, Green City Force dismantles barriers and promotes inclusivity, paving the way for greener, fairer, and more just cities that prioritize the well-being of all residents. Through their unwavering dedication to empowering young leaders and nurturing sustainable change, Green City Force is propelling us toward a future where sustainability, equity, and opportunity thrive harmoniously. 


We are thrilled to be able to support their mission and can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Green City Force’s  young leaders! 


Interested in connecting with the Giving Black Fund, or joining the collective? Learn more here.