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Parkes Philanthropy partners with individuals interested in stepping into or continuing a role as philanthropists who seek to invest in the impact of the organizations they align with.

By getting to know your history, goals, values, and culture, we support you in planning, developing, and executing a philanthropic mission that’s personally meaningful to you.



  • Define your purpose; create or affirm your mission statement
  • Identify causes, geography, and/or populations you seek to impact
  • Involve your family and advise on succession planning, if applicable


  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with nonprofits that support your philanthropic goals
  • Construct a tailored, strategic roadmap for your charitable endeavors
  • Design a customized impact investment solution to advance your mission and meet your financial goals


  • Structure grant making vehicles while identifying the best grant recipients for your mission
  • Oversee the transactional and record keeping elements of your giving
  • Facilitate engagement opportunities with aligning social interests, including placement on global, national, and regional nonprofit boards

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