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Fundraising Consultant


About Parkes Philanthropy

Parkes Philanthropy equips nonprofits, corporations, and individuals with the ideas, resources, and support they need to positively impact the world. 

With over 90+ collective years of experience across the sector, our consultants bring a wealth of experience to our engagements — and have a commitment to doing things differently. We offer a fresh perspective and customized counsel that sparks innovative thinking, delivers adaptive solutions, and brings an unparalleled understanding of how to drive tangible change.

Parkes Philanthropy was named one of the Top Fundraising Consultants | Standout Firms for 2020 by GrantsPlus and our Webinar Securing and Enhancing Corporate Partnerships with Parkes Philanthropy was rated as one of Iwave’s top Webinars for 2020. Past partners include: Right to Play, Impact Hub NYC, Multiplying Good, Kids4Peace, Caring Across Generations, and more. 

The Role

We are seeking project based freelance Fundraising Consultants to lead and/or support remote, project-based teams that help organizations hire the talent they need to make an impact. 

When you join Parkes Philanthropy as a Consultant, you will be a part of an empowered, enriched, and encouraged team which celebrates individual and team achievements. We operate as a collective, meaning that when you join the team you’ll be connected to projects and opportunities to leverage your expertise as you’re interested and available. 

Our Values

  • Integrity: be consistent and true to our word and commitments
  • Transparency: be honest and open
  • Collaboration: work with a spirit of collective success, enthusiastically learning from one another; support one another internally and externally
  • Connection: strive to connect one another with new individuals, organizations, and ideas to broaden and deepen our overall and individual impact
  • Data-Driven: make decisions and recommendations based on proven best practices and credible data
  • Outcomes oriented: set goals for measurable impact and work towards them
  • Humility: be open minded and receptive to new ideas
  • Innovation: seek out the newest and best practices; seek tirelessly to improve

Who You Are

  • You are accountable. You follow through on commitments, meet deadlines, and manage your work responsibly and thoughtfully. 
  • You are collaborative. You give and receive both affirming and constructive feedback with a spirit of teamwork, striving for personal and collective excellence. 
  • You are people-oriented. You enjoy working with others and have a history of building successful relationships with colleagues and clients. 
  • You are analytical. You identify solutions, and execute strategic plans. 
  • You are adaptive. You learn and grow quickly.
  •  You are open minded. You run towards new ideas and consistently seek out innovative ways of doing things.


  • 5+ years experience in fundraising and grant writing
  • 1+ year(s) consulting experience or equivalent client-facing experience
  • Track record of successful, goal-driven non-profit fundraising at the six-figure level
  • Demonstrated ability to form relationships with diverse groups of people, comfortable engaging with corporate and foundation donors
  • Excellent writing skills, including development of compelling communications to engage donors and prospects
  • Self-starter with outstanding organizational skills, including ability to plan, prioritize and manage a varied workload to meet deadlines
  • Excellent research and computing skills
  • Highly collaborative and communicative, comfortable working on remote and asynchronous teams

How to Apply

Please complete the application form here and our team will be in touch. 

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