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Our Team

Sareen Handoush Consultant

Sareen Handoush – Consultant

Sectors : Nonprofit, CSR

Specialties : Healthcare, international and community development

Education : B.A. in Public Health and Business Administration from the University of South Carolina 

Professional Experience

Sareen has over 5 years of experience working with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors spanning numerous impact areas including as healthcare, technology, hospitality, public policy, education, and economic development. She started her career in research and public policy, supporting organizations such as Save the Children aiding in their policy initiatives on Capitol Hill and helping secure humanitarian relief funding of over $34 million. She has served on multiple NIH-funded research studies and conducted her own impact evaluation in Guatemala, determining the effectiveness of local nonprofits on community health outcomes and researching methodologies to increase impact.

She has since worked with corporations and social enterprises to expand their social impact through designing and implementing DEI, employee engagement, culture, and ESG programs in addition to expanding organizations’ operations, strategy, and data analysis procedures. For international hospitality company Selina, Sareen implemented workforce development and volunteering programs, designed the company’s premier sustainability program, and improved employee satisfaction metrics. Sareen currently works for economic development and education company Pursuit where she has pioneered data analytics and operations initiatives, improving hiring outcomes for underserved populations in the tech industry. She also serves as a Fellow with the Good Data institute where she provides international nonprofit organizations with vital data and reporting expertise to secure funding and expand their impact.

Sareen studied Public Health and Business Administration at the University of South Carolina. She worked throughout Central America, North America, and the Middle East and speaks English, Spanish and Arabic.


Sareen has helped raise $60 million in funding from global impact investing firm by designing and implementing comprehensive CSR programs. She has also spearheaded culture, on-boarding, and employee engagement activities, improving employee satisfaction by 25% in 2 months by implementing 150+ weekly events, increasing internal communications, and leading weekly culture meetings.


Sareen is a member of Delta Sigma Pi and Be Social Change.

Awards and Recognitions

Sareen has been named a Flinn Scholar and a Capstone Scholar.

Passion for Social Impact

Sareen is passionate about battling climate change and poverty and the civil and women’s rights movements, and increasing accessibility to high-quality education and healthcare.

Personal Interests

Cooking, reading, sustainable fashion, martial arts.

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