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Cameron Barnes Consultant

Cameron Barnes – Consultant

Sectors: Nonprofit, Corporate

Specialties: Institutional Giving, Individual Giving, Grant Management, Board Development, Capacity Building, Philanthropic Advising

Education: dual Bachelors in Political Science and Community Leadership & Civic Engagement from Northern Illinois University

Professional Experience

With over 10 years of experience, Cameron is a seasoned strategist in the realm of nonprofit philanthropy, renowned for spearheading transformative partnerships and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Cameron enhances fundraising and leadership within the sector by embedding advocacy and cultural proficiency. With a robust background that includes orchestrating significant campaigns at the Taproot Foundation, United Way of Metro Chicago, and Effective Emergence, Cameron’s expertise extends to managing multimillion-dollar initiatives and fostering coalitions for racial equity. Currently, Cameron actively shapes the future of philanthropy as Co-Chair of the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy Chicago Chapter and advises at Northern Illinois University’s Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies.


Cameron led a team at Taproot Foundation to surpass a $7 million fundraising goal. At United Way of Metropolitan Chicago, he implemented strategies that raised over $16 million and contributed to a national campaign achieving $100+ million in fundraising. Cameron also led and managed an engagement cohort at United Way focused on supporting 800 corporate partners, impacting 12 priority neighborhoods, and collaborating with over 300 nonprofit partners.

Passion for Social Impact

Cameron’s passion for social impact leads him to champion diversity and inclusion, racial justice, and poverty alleviation in all his work.

Personal Interests

Cameron enjoys music playing, listening, and studying (specifically jazz & hip-hop). He loves being outside, camping, hiking, and laying in a hammock wherever possible. And he has a deep love for sports, as he was raised surrounded by American football, baseball, and basketball.

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