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Alexandra Barrera Consultant

Alexandra Barrera – Consultant

Sectors : Nonprofit, Corporate

Specialties : Teambuilding, Culturebuilding, CSR, Data Analysis, Event Management

Education : B.A. In Psychology from Florida International University,
Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania,
Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University. 

Professional Experience

Alexandra is a Strategy & Corporate Social Responsibility professional with over 15+ years of experience. Alexandra’s expertise is largely focused on Social Impact initiatives and campaigns with an emphasis on using Qualitative Research to help develop the most compelling and effective programs. Her experience includes companies such as Univision, Warner Bros. International, Hallmark, Viacom, and various international NGO’s.


Alexandra launched internal and external facing Sustainability Task Force at Univision. She implemented research functions for both Univision’s CSR Team and Warner Bros. Latin America.

Passion for Social Impact

Alexandra is passionate about everything related to youth empowerment. She recognizes the power one person or one action can have on someone’s life. She has met many young individuals with the motivation and passion to do so much but who just need that person to guide, motivate or help them.

Personal Interests

Travel, yoga, hiking, trying out new adventure activities.

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